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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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stream. most people recognize, at least in the abstract, that there are -- we need institutions of knowledge that allow access to truth, and that is sunshine in the government, a free press, and public libraries. public libraries are supposed to be supported for that reason. it is no accident that the public library is the most egregious sunshine law violator. there is a private income stream, with donors and explosiveness. the destruction of democracy is what they expect for the money. the truth has to be destroyed. now, they will destroy what you care about, just as they have destroyed the library. the destruction of truth is the
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destruction of democracy itself, and that is what i always say the lines -- lies cost more than the money. [bell] president chiu: next speaker. >> do not jump off of the bridge. do not do that. ♪ hurry, hurry don't be late you have got to celebrate it is great it is the bridge main event hurry, hurry do not jump off of the golden gate the main event ♪
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and ♪ i, i, i, have a ball jump off the golden gate it is a high way and, and, don't jupm o -- jump off of the golden gate should have stayed in bed just to save the time there is something wrong, and there is no denying do not jump off of the golden gate do not jump off of the gate
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though you really try to make it i cannot hide, and i just cannot wait do not jump off of the golden gate ♪ [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is -- i am a senior. quite often, when i am passing the streets, i see people on the sidewalk sleeping in broad daylight, and that tells me they
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do not have a -- it is absolutely wrong, even 50 years old and beyond, to be seen in such a condition. from time to time, we are told near election time that you will be trying to give citizens a better quality, and i underline the word "quality," a better way of life. the question is, what are you doing for seniors who are not able to work? do not have a roof over their head? and only yesterday, i was told in a meeting -- as far as 1:00
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in the morning. that is ridiculous. and i am asking you that all of you come together and do something for the seniors. [bell] thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> can i use the overhead? president chiu: if we can get the overhead, please? thank you. >> concerning my son, since 2006, still, a case not solved. i am here to speak to you guys, and the world is watching this.
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my son's case number is -- sio -- sorry, i need my glasses. 060962039. 060862039. the weber can help me solve my son's case, -- whoever can help me solve my son's case, i would really appreciate it. i will be doing this until the day i die. i have other children. who i am trying to raise also. but i cannot forget my son. there are other mothers who are in this movement with me, and they are feeling the same way that i am feeling so i will see
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you next week. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is -- i am sad in my heart as an african-american here in san francisco. unfortunately, my supervisor is not here. but as you go to the screen here -- can you go to the screen for a moment? take it down? up, right there. ok, i am sorry. stay with me. as you see there, the black
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population is going down here in san francisco. what i am saying to you all, ladies and gentlemen, is that there is a state of emergency here in san francisco. african americans seem to be insignificant right here in san francisco for whatever reasons. i am not blaming anyone in this chamber. i definitely see my leaders here. ♪ blacks are leaving this town, and i want to know, where is willie brown? i need to talk to jerry brown need to know what is going on me to know who is in control right here in san francisco -- need to know ♪ most of the time, you all do not
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hear me. i have 17 seconds. why do we not have a hearing on why african-americans are leaving this down? african americans leading san francisco. i want to note who is in control -- african americans leave st. -- leaving san francisco. -- i want to know. president chiu: anymore public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. clerk calvillo: these items will begin acted upon by a single roll call vote. president chiu: colleagues, would anyone like to sever any of the items? if we could take a roll-call vote on items 31 through 34? clerk calvillo: [reading roll]
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there are 8 ayes. president chiu: those are approved, and the motion is adopted. [coll -- gavel] what i would like to propose is that we come back at 3:15, so we can take our 3:00 special order and hope for the role into our 3:30 special orders, so unless there is any objection, why do we not recess until 3:15? [gavel]
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